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"Jumbo 90"

Briquetting Press

  1. Model : Jumbo 90
  2. Stroke : 200mm
  3. R.P.M : 240
  4. Power Requirements : 91 HP
  5. Production Capacity : 1500 Kg/hr. [±20% depending on density and quality of raw material]
  6. Finished Product Size : 90 mm Dia.
  7. Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
  8. Finished Product Length : 150mm to 400mm
  9. Raw Material Form : Up to 25 mm size can be used directly

Jumbo-90 briquettnig machine is a key product offered by RICO. Jumbo-90 bracketing machine is able to grind and mix up any type of raw material which is available near the area of users. It is made with super quality of parts and give maximum production of briquettes with less effort. This machine is specially designed for huge production of briquettes. As compared to other machine jumbo-90 is only able to grind any type of waste in usable form with low cost of electricity.

Jumbo-90 Briquetting press machine was commenced by RICO in 1997 first time in India.

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Under the well-built headship of Mr. Prakash A. Patel a dream began to flourish. Since the past decade, RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION acronym as RICO has become renowned leader in the industry of biomass briquetting press machines. With the constant watch of experienced technicians and supervisors Radhe Industrial Corporation manufactures best-in-class briquette machines, which are supplied in India and worldwide as well. The company is widely spread for its JUMBO 90 Briquetting Press, which was firstly lunched by us in 1997 in India.

Engineer’s expertise in the field of Briquette plant leads to production of best quality Briquette machines by rewarding customer’s needs through economical and cost effective Briquette models. Being a pioneer manufacturer, we offer customized Jumbo 90 and Super 70 briquetting machines for correspondingly high and medium production rates. The basic concept behind Bio briquette is wealth from waste. This Biomass press machine makes briquettes which can be used as a bio fuel and are eco friendly and save worthy foreign exchange. The majority of Briquetting Machine parts are manufactured at our manufacturing plant with the outstanding quality control and unceasing administration.

We are competent Briquette machine manufacturers and suppliers as we offer CE certified Briquette products to our potential clientele outside the India without compromising with its accuracy. With hi-tech VNC and CNC machineries the firm is pledged to maintain top quality and veracity. Moreover we have an individual Dept. for R & D, which aimed to produce efficient press models and trouble-free installation by use latest technology and merge to existing to serve you better. Visit our manufacturing plant at Rajkot Gujarat India to make a glimpse of briquetting plant.

Briquetting Plant

  • For the first year get 80% depreciation on plant and machineries.
  • Pollution-free as it does not release Sulphur and Phosphorous and also has low ash content.
  • High productivity on asset
  • Less development and rapid pay back

What is Briquetting Plant

Briquetting plant is an eco friendly technology to convert diverse residues like forestry, industrial and agriculture waste into solid blocks of bio-fuel. Cylindrical shaped briquettes are made with high mechanical pressure using binder less technology. Hence no need for any binder or chemical. Bio-briquettes are substitute to non renewable fossil fuels and can be used in several manufacturing industries like kilns, furnaces and boilers. Ecological bio-briquettes are pollution free and also contribute to greener surroundings which save worthy foreign exchange. The motto behind bio-briquettes is Wealth from Waste. Briquetting plant converts agriculture residues into solid bio-fuel. For farmers to earn money from waste, briquetting press is the promising substitute for green energy production. The model "JUMBO-90" works on the famous concept of binder less technology.

Economic Feasibility & Profitability

Briquetting plant set-up has key advantages as below:

  1. A way to earn money by selling agriculture waste of crop, therefore renewable
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Exceptional growth
  4. Easy availability with wide range of briquetting plants
  5. Easy marketing
  6. Fast pay back time
  7. Higher level of employment
  8. Keeps environmental balance and conversion of ordinary sources
  9. Saves worthy foreign exchange

The Major Incentives Are:

  1. 80% Depreciation during First Year:
    Total amount of machinery and plant can be depreciated during the first year.
  2. Excise Release:
    Bio-briquettes are free from excise duty.
  3. Sales Tax Relief:
    Briquettes are exempted from Sales Tax in many states of country.
  4. Advantages of Priority Sector:
    As energy being primary sector, considerable project benefits of Priority sector and SSI are available. It is the first priority Gov. project and also offers more incentives to the entrepreneurs. Hence it is strongly suggested to install the plant in your region.
  5. Benefits of Income Tax:
    Income tax is free for first five years

Benefits of setting up your own Briquetting Plant

  1. Briquetting plant produces renewable energy. Hence it protects source of non-conventional energy.
  2. Environment friendly, easy accessibility and renewable source of energy.
  3. Compared to fossil fuels, bio-briquettes are less expensive.
  4. Agro-forestry waste such as Custer shell, ground-nut shell, saw dust, wheat husk and bamboo dust can be turned out into blocks of solid briquettes.
  5. Higher profitability as it can work constantly and still incurs low cost.
  6. Pollution free environment as it is free from sulfur.
  7. Higher boiler efficiency as a result of low moisture and high density.
  8. Reduces transportation cost.
  9. Further more significant important is easy to pack and store and hence hygienic to manage.

Incentives / Promotional Steps By Government

To encourage the entrepreneurs engaged in project developing alternative energy source, Gov. of India has announced chain of incentives for the promotion of this project.

Industrial Use of Briquettes

Usually briquettes are known as White Coal in many industries like

  1. Brick Kilns
  2. Chemical Plants Food Processing Units
  3. Dryer and Ovens For Generation Of Hot Air.
  4. Paper Mills
  5. Spinning Mills
  6. Solvent Extraction Plants
  7. Milk Plant & Dairy
  8. Laminate Industry
  9. Bakery Industry
  10. Ceramic Units
  11. Vegetables Plant
  12. Leather Industry
  13. Dyeing House
  14. Textile Mills
  15. Rubber Industry
  16. Process Houses And Many Other Commercial And Domestic Uses. And Now In Bio Electric Power Plants & Distilleries.

Biomass Briquettes

Our range of Biomass Briquettes are ready substitute of lignite, Coal, Wood in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application to generate heat. Biomass Briquettes are non conventional source of energy, Eco-friendly, Renewable in nature, non polluting and economical. Use of bio coal is increasing day by day and has very demand-able market due to its fuel cost saving and pollution free characteristics. The calorific value of Biomass Briquette is around 4000-4500 Kcal/Kg. In biomass briquette Net Utilization is around 85 % so the loss of heat is almost 15 % while in lignite the utilization is around 53 % & the loss of heat is around 47 %. In this way, biomass briquettes are most useful & valuable.

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briquette machine,briquetting machine,briquette machine manufacturer